Smoke Ring Webster, TXSmoke Ring is located in Webster, TX off the Nasa Parkway and Highway 3.  It is in a strip shopping center and a little tricky to find, especially hidden behind the tree in the parking lot.

It was very busy filled with men relaxing in comfortable leather chairs and couches.  The walk in humidor is stuffed with a good variety of cigars, including some local smokes.  The guy who was working was very knowledgeable about various cigars and was able to suggest alternative cigars since they didn’t carry the 3 kinds I was looking for.  Yah, 3 kinds.  They didn’t have them.  End of story.

They have a selection of Drew Estate cigars that they keep in a different humidor outside the walk-in.  Are the flavored cigars being punished by being segregated from the rest of the stogies living in the walk-in?  I don’t know, but at least they carry some of the Acid line.  It is really hard to find them around the Houston area.  We picked out a couple sticks, which we found a little pricey considering the tobacco tax out here is only 1 cent per stick.  One of the few cigar lounges in the Clear Lake area.

Oh ya, and they have a weird way of completing the sale.  You take a mini clip board and write down the prices of the cigars you are buying.  Um, a little upgrade in technology and the customer wouldn’t have to do all the work.  Things are a bit different here in Texas.

Their website is bare, only giving a map, hours, phone number and email contact.  Here it is in case you want to check it out.  Smoke Ring Cigars website – click here.

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