After watching my husband enjoy cigars for over a decade, I decided I didn’t want to be the one stuck sitting there watching him and the guys smoke.  I researched (as all good librarians do) and chose a nice beginner cigar from the Drew Estate Natural line of cigars – the Juicy Lucy.  It was tiny and cute and smelled sweet – but not that dipped in rum kind of sweet.  Drew Estate infuses oils and botanicals INTO the cigar, so you get that sweet taste and aroma throughout the entire cigar.

I enjoyed the Juicy Lucy, although it being 3 x 38, I was done in a fraction of the time.  I liked it, and wanted more.  But I wasn’t quite ready to jump into the “regular” tobacco sticks like the big boys.  Thankfully, Drew Estate has a little something for everyone, especially women and beginners.




  Then I met Kuba Kuba.  It is also one of Drew Estate’s genius infused cigars that has a sweet aroma and flavor.  It is one of my favorite cigars by far.  It is my go-to cigar when I just want an enjoyable smoke.   It is also one of the first cigars I recommend for those just starting in cigars.  It is easy to smoke and has a pleasant aroma.





Finally I was introduced to the Drew Estate Isla del Sol.  The scent of this cigar buckled my knees.  It is infused with coffee and rich tobacco.  It tastes rich and creamy.  Coffee lovers unite in this delicious cigar, because there is nothing like it!  I have even enjoyed this cigar over a late morning coffee.  Cigars in the morning?  Oh, yes, my friends.  For me, the Isla del Sol can be an early morning wake up or an evening confectionery.

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