Isaiah Washington Loves Cigars

Isaiah Washington is known for his role as Dr. Burke on Grey’s Anatomy as well as numerous movies and television appearances.  He has been busy with his acting career, foundation and recently published his memoirs, a book about his journey to seek his ancestral roots and in doing so, found a new life purpose.  He took time out of his busy schedule for an interview with about his love for cigars.

Isaiah recalls that his first cigar was introduced to him years ago by now retired NBA player John Salley.  The “very smooth Opus X Super Belicoso” was the cigar that made Isaiah break his promise to never, ever smoke a cigar.  He admitted to introducing quite a few non-cigar smokers to premium cigars during the past 15 years.

Isaiah enjoys many different types of cigars, but lately has been smoking the Kristoff Criollo Robusto and the Rocky Patel “The Sixty.”  His typical drink when smoking cigars is a Macallan 12 Scotch.  He also is interested in exploring more Ashton and Davidoff cigars.

Isaiah enjoys his cigars outside the home, as his wife requests “Absolutely NO cigar smoking or wearing of shoes in my house!”  With three curious kids, he does not keep a humidor in his home, either.   Isaiah finds refuge other places to smoke cigars.  Celebrities sometimes have a hard time finding a private spot while out in public in order to relax and enjoy their hobbies.  Isaiah frequents The Cuban Seed Lounge in Los Angeles when he finds the time.  The Cuban Seed Lounge is located on Sunset Blvd.

Although Clint Eastwood looks cool biting off the end of his cigar before he smokes it, Isaiah prefers to use his cutter.  His favorite place to enjoy a good cigar is during his night walks through the canals in Venice.  If we could all be so lucky to enjoy our cigars that way!

I asked Isaiah about his personal thoughts on the current trend in the United States toward enacting smoking bans.  Isaiah replied, “I get the health issue with smoking bans, but what I don’t get is places that ban cigar smoking, but do not ban cigarette smoking!”  There are several places, namely patio restaurants, that allow cigarette smoking, but not cigar smoking.

More women enjoy smoking cigars now in what was once a male dominated industry and hobby.  Isaiah says, “I love watching women liberated enough to fire up a good cigar in public.  Very powerful symbolism.”  Isaiah would love the opportunity to light up a good stogie and smoke with Che Guevara and Winston Churchill.  Maybe they could light up a cigar named for the actor and call it, “Gondobay.”




Isaiah Washington is the founder of the Gondobay Manga Foundation which advocates cooperative planning to achieve positive, timely improvements in the lives of the people of Sierra Leone.  The foundation has assisted in building schools and roads, improving hospitals and securing a safe water supply.  Isaiah wrote a book about his journey to find his ancestral roots, which led him to discover his genetic link to the Mende people of Sierra Leone in Africa.   His book, A Man from Another Land is available in bookstores. 

A Man From Another Land website

Gondobay Manga Foundation website

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