Cain Nub – She Said

Cain Daytona

Cain Daytona

Yesterday I enjoyed a Cain Daytona for the first time.  It foot lit evenly when toasted with my Xikar butane lighter.  The wrapper had a beautiful, even color.

The scent was rich, but the flavor was mild.  I used the new Shuriken cigar cutter with this cigar.  It really opened up the flavor.  I really liked this particular cigar because it had a nice smooth flavor without the heavy aftertaste.  This is the first regular tobacco cigar that did not make me feel like I had to run and wash out my mouth. I also did not wake up with cotton mouth this morning with that tobacco aftertaste when you enjoy a cigar in the evening.

This is definitely one I will keep on my likeable list.

Shuriken cigar cutter is HERE! I-Draw Technology

Shuriken Cigar Cutter - NEW

Shuriken cigar cutter

The Shuriken cigar cutter is the latest in cigar cutting technology.  It cuts 6 small slits into the cap of the cigar for effective draw without tearing the leaf.   I-Draw Technology allows the user to control the cigar’s draw.   Shuriken is designed to allow all the flavor of a cigar by leaving the cap intact, and allowing an even draw throughout the entire cigar.

We tested the Shuriken on our own cigars and found this cutter will take some getting used to.  The 6 slits are like paper cuts and in order to get a good draw, you have to put pressure on the cap by either rolling it between 2 fingers, or putting pressure on it with your mouth.  That allows the slits to open more and more until you get it to just the right flavor for you.

SHE SAID:  I used the cutter on my Cain Daytona corona which was 6 x 46.  I did have to put more of cigar in my mouth than I am used to.  (I am a tip puffer)  However, the amount of flavor that I drew out of the cigar was amazing.  There was much more flavor than I expected.  I am looking forward to using it on my favorite Kuba Kuba to see if it really enhances the flavor since I smoke those often and know what they taste like with a normal punch/ cut.

HE SAID:  The cutter was easy to use but it was hard to draw at first.  After putting pressure on the cap, they opened up a bit.  I had a local Manny Lopez El Cubano Manny Limited Habano.  The cutter worked great however, the pressure I put on the cap made the cap start to come off.  The cuts did open the cigar lower so more flavor came through.

They retail for $20 for the Black composite, $35 for the anodized aluminum that comes in a variety of colors, and $40 for carbon fiber or exotic. will be carrying these cutters soon!

   shuriken cigar cuttershuriken cigar cuttershuriken cigar cutter

Alec Bradley Black Market

Alec Bradley Black Market

This cigar is a medium bodied cigar with Honduran and Panamanian long fillers, a sumatra binder, and a semi sweet Nicaraguan Jalapa maduro wrapper.  This cigar comes in five different sized.  It is easy to light and has a medium draw to it.  This cigar is unlike any Alec Bradley I have ever tried.  The cigar starts off with a natural sweetness and then about half way through you start tasting a pepper flavor that gets stronger to the finish!  I really like this cigar….it is like starting with dessert and then eating your pepper corn steak dinner after.  Each cigar comes uniquely wrapped in a paper half sleeve.  The box looks like a hand made wooden box with the initials of the cigar printed on the top.

Drew Estate Acid Red Line – Liquid

Drew Estate makes terrific cigars.  They have something for every range of cigar smoker.  I started smoking cigars because of Drew Estate’s Acid Blue Line of infused, sweet cigars.

The Liquid is part of the Acid Red Line.  This medium bodied cigar had a nice even colored wrapper.  It also has a twist off cap and wrapper covered foot.  I twisted the cap, but I like a little more clipped for a better draw.  I used a small punch to finish off my cut.  I toasted the wrapper off the foot and took my first puff.

It was smooth with a nice draw, but a bit more spicy than I like.  As it burned, the spice seemed to increase, and I really didn’t enjoy this one either.  I recommend it if you like a more spicy cigar in the medium bodied range.

I admit,  I do prefer a mild to medium bodied cigar.   But I like to try everything I can get my hands on.

Drew Estate Acid Nasty

Drew Estate cigars are some of my favorites.  I have been saving this one called Nasty from the Acid Red line for a while in my humidor.  I decided to break it out last night and give it a try.

The wrapper was dark and oily with a nice sheen.  It smelled rich, and I don’t usually smoke Maduro because they are too rich for me.  My other half enjoys the Maduro.

I twisted off the cap of the cigar and removed the labels.  It is shaped like a pyramid and oddly small at the cap end.  Holding it felt like I was holding a joint, as I could not wrap my finger around it comfortably.  (BTW I do not smoke anything illegal).

Anyway, I toasted the end until the extra wrapper was burned off and took a puff.   It tasted rich and gave me a peppery feeling in my mouth.  The peppery taste smoothed out as it burned further down, but I just couldn’t enjoy it.

Drew Estate/ Rocky Patel Java Mint

Yah, I said MINT.

This review is going to be a He Said/ She Said, since we both smoked the Java Mint.

This Drew Estate, Rocky Patel concoction is the Java Mint.  When I opened the wrapper and took a whiff, it smelled just like an Andes chocolate mint after dinner candy.  When lit, you get the scent of cocoa and coffee.

I used a punch on the square cap, and the draw was very easy all the way through.The first 1/3 of the cigar remains sweet and tingles in your mouth as if you just ate a butter mint.  It is a sparkly, tingly feeling that lasts.  The second 1/3 of it turns more rich and looses it’s sweetness, but you still get the tingle of mint, without a lot of the mint flavor.

This cigar is definitely on my new favorites list.

AKA America Kick Ass Hybrid DEA Short Robusto

I have to say that this is one of the most interesting cigars I have in my journey of the cigar world! Cross breeding Cameroon and corojo seeds makes for and amazing mixture. This cigar comes in six different sizes for your smoking pleasure. It is a medium bodied cigar with a Dominican filler and a Dominican and Honduran binder. This cigar lights nicely and burns evenly all the way throughout the cigar. The smoke is rich and flavorful as it changes in taste about five times from start to finish. The flavors come through subtle as the cigar gets stronger until the end. You will taste pepper, spice, coffee, cinnamon, and a natural sweetness. This smoke is unlike anything that you have ever tried! If you are looking for a great medium bodied cigar or a little stronger. I would definitely try this cigar! If was my first experience with AKA, but I may have to start carrying boxes of these cigars.

Rocky Patel 15th Anniversary

The Rocky Patel 15th Anniversary Cigar comes in four different sizes.  It is made with a Habano wrapper and a blend of  Nicaraguan fillers.  This is a very well constructed box press cigar that displays the highest quality that Rocky Patel has to offer.  This is considered a full bodied full strength cigar that is packed full of flavor.  This cigar lights easily and burns evenly.  This cigar has flavors of mild pepper and spice as well as a blend of the Nicaraguan tobacco flavor.  I would have to say this is one of my favorite Rocky Patel cigars.  That stands above two of my go to cigars the Rocky Patel Vintage 1992 and the Rocky Patel Vintage 1990.  If you can get your hands on one of these boys pick it up.  It is on my must try list for anyone who is thinking of picking up a Rocky Patel cigar.

Drew Estate Acid Blondie Belicoso

Drew Estate Acid Blue Line Blondie Belicoso is a great starter cigar for any beginner smoker.  It is a sweet infused cigar that also has a pleasant aroma.  The size is also great for those just sticking their toe in the stogie pool.

Drew Estate has infused several cigars with botanical oils and herbs.  They are flavorful and mild.  The Blondie comes in a few different sizes.  There is even a tiny petite corona size that lasts about 20 minutes.  Great for a quick smoke, or those who aren’t ready for a full size cigar.

This is the one that got me started on cigars as well as my sister and other female friends.   So pick one up for yourself, or that great lady in your life.

Alec Bradley SCR

Alec Bradley Select Cabinet Reserve has a dark red leaf wrapper from Honduras and a mixture of Nicaraguan and Honduran filler.  This is a medium bodied cigar that is packed full of flavor.  It starts of light and then gets a stronger flavor of spice and nut.  This cigar has a 90 point rating.  It comes in five different sizes from a churchill to a torpedo.  If I compared this to any cigar it would probably have to be a Kristoff, but the Kristoff is a lot more spicy.  I would say that this is a good anytime cigar.  The MSRP on this cigar is $6.00 dollars.  I would say if you can find this cigar for $6 to $7 a stick pick one up!  It is worth it!

Drew Estate Acid Toast

Drew Estate Acid line has delicious infused cigars that are rich, creamy, sweet and savory.  Toast is a sweet infused cigar that reminds me of toasted marshmallow.  It is 6 x 50, so it is a pretty long cigar, but the sweetness holds up until the end.  Drew Estate Acid line is a genius infusion of botanical oils and herbs.  If you haven’t tried one, don’t get hung up on the idea of a flavored cigar, it is not.  One of my favorites  in the Acid line.  It is one of the great cigars for beginners!

Arturo Fuente Chateau Fuente

The Arturo Fuente Chateau Fuente is a great medium bodied cigar.  It has a Connecticut broadleaf wrapper with a Dominican binder and filler.  Like all of the Arturo Fuente cigars it is easy to light and has an even burn.  It has a medium draw to it just like most of the Arturo Fuente cigars.  This cigar is rich and full of flavor.  I like this cigar because it is lighter than the Gran Reserva, but still flavorful.  Most of my friends use this cigar as a go-to cigar, because you can never go wrong with the quality of an Arturo Fuente cigar.  This also comes in a choice of natural or maduro.  If you have not tried a Arturo Fuente cigar yet, I would recommend either trying this one or an Arturo Fuente Short Story.

Oliva Series G Cameroon

The Oliva Series G has a Cubano Havana seed binder, a Nicaraguan filler, with a cameroon wrapper.   It has the quality of all the Oliva cigars.  It is has an easy draw, easy to light, and has an even burn.  This cigar is rich with flavor and has a great aroma to the smoke that almost seems herbal.  The high quality has this cigar rated at 92.  I would have to say that this is my third favorite Oliva cigar.  My first choice would be the Series V, then my second choice would be the Connecticut Reserve.  If you are looking for a quality Cameroon cigar to try this would be a great choice.

Tabacos Baez Series SF

Tabacos Baez is a cigar made by Don Pepin’s My Father Cigar Company.  This is a great medium bodied cigar that has a Habano wrapper with a Nicaraguan binder and long fillers.  The cigar is oily, dark, and packed full of flavor.  It is seems to have a coffee and cocoa flavor to it and has a slight bit of pepper to it.  It has a smooth draw and is easy to light.  The burn is pretty even through out.  If you are looking for a good Habano wrapped cigar at a reasonable price I would definitely recommend putting this one on your list.  If you are more into Maduro’s I would recommend going with the Don Pepin Series JJ maduro.

Rocky Patel Vintage 1992

The Rocky Patel Vintage 1992 is made from a vintage 92 Sumatra wrapper and a 5 year aged Dominican and Nicaraguan blended fillers. This cigar comes in five different sizes.   It is a medium bodied cigars that is easy to light, has a smooth draw, and an even burn.  This cigar is very smooth , rich creamy in flavor.  The Rocky Patel Vintage 1992’s are one of the most consistent quality made.  This is one Sumatra cigar that will never let you down. This is a cigar that you can always use as a go to cigar.   If you are looking to try a great Sumatra cigar this is your stick.

Diamond Crown #5

The Diamond Crown #5 robusto is made with a US Connecticut shade wrapper and a Dominican Republic binder and filler.  Diamond Crown is known for its superior construction of a cigar that is consistent with every stick.  This cigar was easy to light and had a smooth draw with an even burn.  This flavorful cigar is considered to be mild to medium body.  This cigar is smooth rich and full of flavor with a very slight natural sweetness to it.  I would have to say that this is one of the best Connecticut cigars you will find at any shop.

A Turrent Triple Play Maduro

The A Turrent Triple Play Maduro is rated number 14 in Cigar Aficionado Top 25 of 2010.  This cigar comes in 5 different sizes.  The wrapper, binder, and filler are all from the highest quality of maduro tobaccos.  The fillers come from Nicaraguan, Honduran, and San Andres Mexican leaves.  This cigar was easy to light, but has a medium draw.  This cigar has a distinctive smooth rich flavor that definitely is one of the best maduros I have had.  It seems to have a slight natural sweetness to it with a very mild spice.  The flavor is almost a light chocolate or coffee mixture.  If you are into maduro cigars or if you just want to try on of the best maduros cigars out there.  This is a a great medium to full bodied cigar and a great choice!  The average price for this cigar is about $8.00 a stick and I have to tell you it is worth every penny!

Roam by Drew Estate

Roam by Drew Estate is another masterpiece by Jonathan Drew and company.  It is part of the Acid Purple line of infused cigars.  The cap is sweet and tasty, and it is a mild to medium smoke.  I find it gets harsh for me toward the end, but I am a girl who likes her infused cigars.

This is a long one (that’s what she said) at 7 x 48, so take your time and enjoy this tasty cigar. I like it in the evenings after dinner to serve as dessert.    It tastes great with a lightly sweet wine, preferrably a house red.

Partagas Series S Cifuente

The Partagas Series S Cifuente is made with a West African Cameroon wrapper, a Mexican binder, and a Dominican filler. This cigar is easy to light, but has a medium draw. This is a medium bodied cigar that is packed full of flavor. The blend is the same blend that was made by Ramon Cifuentes with Partagas cigars originally in Cuba. This cigar comes in several different sizes. This is my second favorite Partagas cigar. I am still partial to the Partagas Black Label, but this cigar is just as high of quality but in a medium body. If you are looking for a great medium bodied cigar I would definitely put this on your list to try.

Arturo Fuente Gran Reserva Sun Grown

This cigar is made with an Ecuadoran sun grown wrapper with a Dominican Filler and binder.  The cigar is easy to light and keep lit.  It is a medium bodied cigar that has a smooth draw to it.  The Arturo Fuente Gran Reserva comes in about 9 different sizes and comes in 3 different wrappers Ecuadoran sun grown, African Cameroon, and Connecticut shade.  When it comes to Arturo Fuente cigars you know you are always getting the highest quality of tobacco. The flavor is smooth through out and it has a slight sweetness to it. This is definitely a great cigar that you must try.  If you are into sun grown wrapped cigars you may also like the Ashton Vintage Sun Grown.

EP Carillo Short Run Series

The EP Carillo Short Run Series is made up of a Ecuadorian wrapper, a Nicaraguan Binder, and a blend of Nicaraguan and Domincan fillers.  This cigar has an easy draw and burns evenly.  This is a rich tasting natural cigar that is flavored with spice throughout.  The rich and creamy complex flavors of this cigar makes it difficult to find a cigar that is somewhat close to it.  This is considered a medium to full bodied cigars.    This cigar comes in three different sizes.  To my knowledge their is only 1500 boxes of each size of these cigars that are made.  So this make the full line up somewhat limited.  If you have not tried a cigar by Ernesto Perez-Carillo yet, I would definitely recommend giving one of these cigars a shot.  The price point is not bad considering the high quality of the cigars.

Casada Connecticut by Oliva

If you are into Connecticut cigars this is one you may not want to pass up. This cigar is made with a Nicaraguan Connecticut wrapper,binder and filler. This cigar is very mild in strength. This cigar is easy to light and burns evenly. This cigar has a smooth flavor through out. This is more of a creme flavor with a hint of natural sweetness to it. This blend has the same fine quality you would get out of any Oliva cigar. The price point is cheaper than most Oliva cigars that makes it easier on the pocket book. I prefer the Casada cigar over the Series O or Series G. This cigar reminds me more of the Oliva Connecticut Reserve, but without the extra spiciness to it. I would also make it comparable to the Nub Connecticut, but these come in more traditional sizes. So if you are looking for a really smooth natural cigar at a good price point you are going to want to try this one.

La Aroma De Cuba Mi Amor

The La Aroma De Cuba Mi Amor is made with a Mexican Cuban seed filler, Nicaraguan filler, and binder.  This cigar comes in five different sizes.  This cigar has an easy draw and an even burn.  This is a rich flavored cigar that mixes the flavors of coffee and cocoa with a slight spice to it.  The cigar was created by the masters of Don Pepin cigars.   This is a high quality cigar that stands up to the Don Pepin name.   This cigar was rated 93 by Cigar Aficionado and is the number 6 cigar of the Cigar Aficionado’s Top 25 of 2010!  If you like Don Pepin cigars I would definitely try this one!  If you have not tried Don Pepin cigars I would recommend starting with the Don Pepin JJ maduro or the My Father #2.  Those are my two favorites from Don Pepin, but I also like the Don Pepin Black and Blue.

Carlos Torano Exodus 1959 50 Year

This is known for being a medium to full bodied cigar.  The cigar is wrapped with a brazilian sun grown maduro wrapper, a Honduran binder, and a Nicaraguan filler.  Unlike other reviews the first taste of this cigar has a dark rich flavor.  This cigar is almost like having a rich dark chocolate that is unsweetened.  Everyone that I know that like Carlos Torano cigars says that this is one of his best.  This cigar is a little to harsh for me.  I would prefer a CAO La Triviata maduro or a Partagas Black label cigar to this one.  So if you are a fan of Carlos Torano cigars this is for you, if not try one of the other two cigars I recommended.

Rocky Patel 1961

Another great cigar from Rocky Patel!  This cigar is made with an Ecuadorian Habano wrapper, Honduran binder, and a Nicaraguan filler.  This cigar is easy to light and has an easy draw.  It has a slight natural sweetness to it while maintaining deep rich flavor that ends with a spicy finish.  This cigar has a distinctive aroma of smoke that is as rich as its flavor.  If you are looking for a well made medium to full bodied cigar the 1961 is great!  It pair very well with a glass of McCallan 20 whiskey.  This cigar comes in four sizes a robusto, torpedo, toro, and corona.  This cigar has an average price of about $7.00 a stick which is a great value for a premium Rocky Patel cigar.  If you had to choose only one Rocky Patel cigar this one would be it!!

La Sirena

One of the latest cigars to come out from two of the masters Nestor Miranda and Don Pepin.  This cigar has a Connecticut broad leaf maduro wrapper, a Nicaraguan binder and filler.  This cigar is easy to light, has a good draw, and burns evenly.  This is a full bodied cigar with rich smoke and flavor.  It has a natural sweetness and a spice that stays through out the entire cigar.  The price point of this cigar is averaging about $10.00.  If you have ever smoked a cigar by Nestor Miranda or Don Pepin you know that it is well worth the money.  If you like their other cigars you will definitely like this one!  This is a must try cigar!

H Upmann Sun Grown Short Churchill

This is not your traditional H Upmann cigar.  They have made a cigar that is more of a hybrid cigar to compete with the size and rich flavor of a Nub.  The H Upmann Sun Grown has an Ecuadorian sun grown wrapper, a broad leaf binder, with a Nicaraguan and Honduran filler.  The wrapper makes it naturally sweet.  It seems to get a little spicy towards the end, but stays dark, rich and full of flavor throughout.  If you enjoy your cigars the size of the Nub and want try a new taste for an H Upmann then you must try this cigar at least once.

Cigar Aficionado’s Top 25 Cigars of 2010

1.  Cohiba Bihike BHK52 (Cuban)

2.  Viaje Oro Reserva VOR #5

3.  Fuente Fuente Opus X XXX Belicoso

4.  Padron Family Reserve No. 45 Natural

5.  Camacho Corojo Churchill

6.  La Aroma de Cuba Mi Amor Magnifico

7.  Illusione Epernay La Matin

8.  E.P. Carillo Elencos Edicion Limitada 2010

9.  H. Upmann #2 (Cuban)

10.  La Flor Dominicana Air Bender Chisel

11.  Ambus Mundos #1 Grande

12.  Carlos Tarano Exodus 1959 50 Year Box Pressed

13.  Punch Grand Cru Maduro

14.  A Turrent Triple Play Belicoso

15.  CAO La Triviata Divino

16.  My Father #2 Belicoso

17.  Brickhouse Robusto

18.  Oliva Series V Maduro Especial

19. Rocky Patel 15 Anniversary Toro

20. Alec Bradley Prensado Gran Toro

21.  Partagas Lusitania (Cuban)

22.  Monte Cristo Platinum Churchill Tubo

23.  Ashton VSG Eclipse

24.  Casa Magna Colorado Churchill

25.  Aurora 1495 BME Dominicana

Ashton Virgin Sun Grown

This cigar has a vintage sun grown wrapper from Ecuador and a Dominican long filler and binder.  It is a mild to medium smoke that comes in 4 different sizes.  This one is easy to light, has a great draw, and has a smooth rich flavor to it.    I would have to say that this is my favorite Ashton cigar and one of my favorite sun grown wrapped cigars.  This cigar is definitely a higher end cigar and the price reflects it.  This makes for a great gift or special occasion cigar.  I would have to say that if you have not tried this cigar you should try at least one!  So when you are ready to light up a victory cigar have one of these in your hand!


La Vieja Habana Connecticut

La Vieja Habana is another great smoke from Jonathan Drew and Drew Estates!  This cigar comes in at least 4 different sizes give you time to smoke no matter what your time frame is.  This cigar has a great connecticut wrapper and has Nicaraguan binder and fillers.  The cigar is easy to light with a good draw.  This is a mild cigar with good flavor and good smoke.  I would say this cigar burns a little faster than most traditional cigars, because of the single leaf wrapper.  With all the size choices that is not a problem.  This cigar has the traditional tobacco taste of most classic cigars like Macanudo or Romeo & Julietta.  I would compare to the Nub Connecticut which I like very much also!  The benefit of this cigar would be the selection of sizes and its price.  The price is about $1.00 to $2.00 less than most traditional cigars.  If you are interested in a more traditional tobacco flavored cigars I would definitely give this one a try!  You can not go wrong.

Macanudo Cru Royale

This cigar is not your typical Macanudo.  This cigar has a Habano wrapper with a blend of Dominican and Nicaraguan binder and fillers.  It comes in four different sizes with the smallest being a robusto.  As the traditional Macanudo it is easy to light and has an even burn to it.  It is a medium body cigar with aromatic smoke which is unlike any other Macanudo.  It starts of with a lighter taste and then finishes with added spice to it.  I would say that this is more of a hybrid for Macanudo.  If you are into a wide variety of hybrid cigars or looking to deviate from the classic Macanudo I would recommend trying this one.  The cost on these is average and reasonable.  If you are looking to find a cigar less in cost and a tradition flavor then you may want to try a La Vieja Habana by Drew Estate.

Don Pepin Series JJ Maduro

This cigar comes in 3 or 4 different sizes.  It comes in a Maduro and a natural wrapper with Nicaraguan corojo and criollo fillers.  I would say that this is a medium body cigars.  It has a rich flavor that has a slight creamy sweetness with a little added spice.  Don Pepin has one of the highest quality cigars out there for a reasonable price.  The new My Father line by Don Pepin is very good as well, but I think I still tend to favor the Don Pepin line a bit more.  You can not go wrong with this cigar.  This is a must try cigar.

Padron Family Reserve No. 45 Maduro

This hand rolled cigar comes in a maduro and a natural wrapper with a nicaraguan filler and binder.  This is their 45th anniversary family reserve.  The cigar is very smooth for a full body cigar and burns well.  I lit this one with a wood stick match and it corrected itself to burn evenly.    It has a great rich flavor to it and the smoke has a nice aroma to it.  I was not a big fan of the Padron cigar until I smoked this one.  Now I am rethinking my decision and giving the Padron 2ooo and 3000 natural and maduro another shot.  Padron truly does make a quality cigar at a reasonable price.  If you are going to try only one Padron I would   recommend it be the Padron Family Reserve.

Click here to try Padron Family Reserve No. 45 Maduro cigars for yourself

Esencia cigars

Esencia cigar are made with Nicaraguan wrapper, binder, and fillers.  This cigar is easy to light and has a smooth draw.  These cigars come in 4 difference sizes a belicoso, corona grande, petite corona, and robusto.  This chocolate brown  wrapper is nice and oily.  These cigars burn pretty evenly and have a dark grey smoke.  This cigar is rich and full of flavor.  I enjoyed the spiciness that ran all the way through the cigar.  It is one of the spiciest cigars that I have ever had.  The only cigar that packs this much spice is the Oliva connecticut reserve which is on the lighter side of the tobacco.  If you enjoy a spicey rich full bodied cigar this is a great choice!!

Cain Nub Habano

The Cain Nub Habano is a habano wrapper that is combined with a blend of dominican binder and nicaraguan fillers.  This cigar is a high quality cigar just like all the others in the Nub line.  It has an even burn with a medium draw.  This cigar come in a 4 x 64 and a 4 x 64 torpedo.  I prefer the torpedo cigars when it comes to the 64 ring guage cigar.  I think I found my new favorite Nub cigar!  The only Nub cigar I liked was the Nub connecticut 354.  This cigars packed full of flavor with a robust smoke.  If you are looking for a rich full flavor cigar that is a short size some try this one.  Although I do not really like the Cain F cigar I definately would not turn down the Cain Nub Habano.

Click here to try Cain Nub Habano cigars for yourself

Acid Deep Dish

The Acid Deep Dish is another fine cigar made by drew estates.  This cigar has a natural wrapper with a nicaraguan binder and filler.  The shape of this cigar is what makes it very unique.  It is one of the few cigars that is made in a square shape.  This is a mild cigar that is infused with natural herbs and oils.  I would say it is comparable to the Acid Kuba Kuba, but this one tends to be more of a tobacco flavor with a slightly natural sweetness.  This cigar is easy to light with a smooth draw.  It burned very evenly and I only had to light it once.  If you like really sweet cigars I would say to stick with a Acid Kuba Kuba or Acid Blondie.  If you are looking more for a tobacco flavor with a little sweetness then this is your cigar!

Try your own Deep Dish – click here to order!

Cigar King Series Gold

Cigar King Series Gold is made with an Ecuadorian sun grown habano wrapper and Nicaraguan binder and filler. The wrapper is smooth and oily.  It is easy to light and has an easy draw.   This cigar was especially made for Cigar King Scottsdale, AZ.  This cigar was hand made by the El Titan de Bronze Factory out of Miami, Fl.  These cigars are comparable to the Don Pepin cigars.  This is a full bodied cigar with rich flavors of cedar and pepper.   At six dollars a stick you can not go wrong.  If you are looking for cigars in Scottsdale, AZ stop by Cigar King and try one of these.

My Father No. 3 Natural

This cigar has a Habano rosado criollo wrapper with a nicaraguan filler and an ecuadorian binder.  Easy to light with a medium draw.  This cigar had a little spice and a slight wood taste, and a very slight sweetness.  They consider this to be a full bodied cigar, but I would say it is more of a mild to medium.  It did go well with my rum and coke!  All though these are made by the makers of Don Pepin, I still prefer the extra spicy taste of the Don Pepin cigars.  All though if you are looking for a mild to medium bodied cigar you may want to try one of these.

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CAO MX2 Maduro

The CAO MX2 is a medium bodied cigar that is dark, rich and full of flavor.  The smoke is well scented.  This cigar is made with a Connecticut broadleaf maduro wrapper and the filler is a blend from Honduras, the Dominican Republic, Peru. It has a Maduro Arapiraca binder from Brazil. I have to say that the CAO MX2 is probably my second favorite CAO cigar.  My favorite CAO would be the La Triviata then followed by the MX2 and the LX2.  It comes in 3 or 4 different sizes and averages for about $7.00  a stick.  I would probably compare this to the Gurkha Black Dragon.  If you are looking for a good maduro  I would say that you can’t go wrong with this one!

Click here to try CAO MX2 Maduro cigars for yourself

CAO La Triviata

The CAO La Triviata has an Ecuadorian habano wrapper, a cameroon binder, with nicaraguan and dominican fillers. It comes in a wide variety of sizes and is very reasonable in price.   This is the first cigar that actually has the dark oily wrapper!  It is creamy and rich that is packed full of flavor.  It is one of my favorite CAO cigars that ranks above the CAO MX2 and LX2 that I like also!  The only other cigar that meets up to these standards is the Partagas Black Label.  If you are looking for a full bodied and full flavored cigar this is the one to try!!

Oliva Connecticut Reserve

The Oliva Connecticut Reserve is mild in strength with a Ecuadorian Connecticut wrapper, Nicaraguan binder, and Nicaraguan filler.  This is a mild cigar that is creamy packed with spice.  It lights well and has an easy draw that is an attribute of all the Oliva cigars.  It comes in several different sizes and can be enjoyed no matter how much time you have.  This cigar is a great anytime smoke!  It is good with your favorite mixed drink, beer, or even a iced tea.  This is one of the spicier Connecticuts that I have had.  I compare this to the Camacho connecticut and the Nub Connecticut.

Click here to try Oliva Connecticut Reserve cigars for yourself

Gurkha Assassin Dagger

The Gurkha Assassin has a Brazilian wrapper, Dominican binder with a mixture of Nicaraguan and Peruvian filler.  It is easy to light and has a smooth draw.  It is full in strength and comes in a wide variety of sizes. It has a little bit of spice to it, but has more rich tobacco flavor over all.   Though this is a good smoke I still prefer the Gurkha Black Dragon over this one.  If you are going to go non Gurkha I prefer the Partagas Black Label or the CAO La Triviata.

Hoyo De Monterrey Excalibur 1066 Galahad Cameroon

This cigar is easy to light and has a good easy draw.  It has a Cameroon wrapper, a Connecticut binder and a mixed filler ( Dominican, Honduras, and Nicaraguan.  This is a medium cigar that is rich with a little bit of spicy flavor.  This cigar burns evenly and has a nice ash.   The aroma of the smoke is good and is a nice cigar for the evening.  I would recommend having this with a nice alcoholic beverage.  This is not my favorite Hoyo De Monterrey.   These cigars come in four different sizes.  These cigars have a lower price point at about 4 to 5 dollars a stick, so it is easy to make it a daily smoke.   All though this is a great smoke I prefer the Hoyo De Monterrey Cafe.

Acid Ming Dynasty

This Belicoso shaped cigar is very unique to the Acid line.  It is a 6×60 packed full of flavor and fragrance.  It has a natural wrapper, Nicaraguan binder and filler.   This cigar is mild through out!  Drew Estate has out done themselves with the infusing process on this one.  The cigar is easy to light, but tends to go out if you are not watching it closely.  It has a very even burn and a tight ash. They keep the actually blend to this one a big secret.   This smoke will not clear the room!

Click here to try Acid Ming Dynasty cigars for yourself

Camacho Corojo Diploma


This full body cigar has Corojo wrapper, binder and filler. This cigar also comes in a Maduro wrapper.   This is one of the smoothest cigars I have ever had. The smoke omits a great aroma and towards the end gets a little spicy.   Easy to light and a smooth draw has everything you want in a quality cigar.  It comes in five different sizes to choose from depending on the time you have to smoke.  This smoke tends to go out on you if you don’t watch it, but the burn is pretty even.  Stogie Review rated it in the top 10 cigars for 2009.  I would definitely put this in my top 10 cigars for 2010 so far!  This is one of the best crafted cigars money can buy!  The name Camacho exhibits quality and class as all their cigars do.  Not a bad price starting at $9.50 a stick.

Isla Del Sol Sumatra Coffee

This is the all time favorite of coffee cigars!  This cigar comes in a variety of size gran corona, toro, robusto, and churchill.  It has a Sumatra wrapper and a Nicaraguan filler This is a mild cigar with the great flavor of coffee and a slight bit of mocha that is creamy and sweet.  The cigar burns evenly and is very easy to light.  The draw is easy and has a delightful aroma of smoke!  Drew Estates has out done themselves with the best coffee flavored cigar by far.  With the variety of sizes the price point good and affordable to buy them by the box.  This is a great cigar that can either take the place of your morning coffee or a smoke to compliment your morning coffee.

Click here to try Isla Del Sol Sumatra Coffee cigars for yourself

Acid Kuba Kuba Sumatra

Acid Kuba Kuba is one of the most popular infused flavored cigars by Drew Estates.  This robusto size cigar is mild in flavor and in smoke.  This cigar has a Sumatra wrapper with a Nicaraguan binder and filler.  The cigar is easy to light and has a very smooth draw.  This cigar sometimes burns slightly uneven, but has a nice ash.  This is one of the sweetest cigars I have ever had.  I call this my dessert cigar.  The aroma of the smoke is sweet as well and will attract a crowd!  Drew Estates has some of the best flavored cigars by far!  They have perfected the process of infusing the flavor and making a pleasant aroma of smoke.  This is a cigar that even my wife loves, so hopefully yours will too!!

Click here to try Acid Kuba Kuba Sumatra cigars for yourself

Partagas Black Label

This dark and rich flavored cigar consists of a medio Tempo Wrapper, La Vega Especial binder from the Dominican Republic.  This cigar is easy to light with an easy draw.  It tends to burn slightly uneven, but usually it corrects it self with a nice ash.  The smoke is rich in aroma.

It is hard to describe this cigar in words, but is an excellent cigar if you are looking for a full body dark rich flavor.  This one was recommended to me by a friend.  I would recommend this to any cigar smoker as a must try!!  It comes in a variety of different sizes so you can smoke it in any time frame.

Click here to try Partagas Black Label cigars for yourself

Gurkha “The Pinker” Double Toro

Gurkha “The Pinker” 6 X 60. Wrapper – Dominican (Cuban seed Habano), Binder – Dominican, Filler – Dominican. Medium – full bodied. Special blend made for radio host Geoff Pinkus from the “Living Large” radio show in Chicago.

Initial taste was a dry woody taste which quickly turned into flavors of Leather, wood and some spice.

A little before the halfway point, this cigar begins to build with the leathery flavor picking-up, spicieness increasing and the woodiness in the background.

The last third of this cigar continues to build in flavor with the leather becoming more of a tangy citrus leather taste with the spice balanced nicely along with the woodiness. I also got some slight note of a sweetness that was very enjoyable.

Construction burn and draw were perfect. Beautiful oily brown wrapper on this cigar. The cigar never got hot or bitter and had good complexity for a cigar with such a big ring guage. Long finish of leather and spice.  I recommend trying one!

Click here to try Gurkha “The Pinker” Double Toro cigars for yourself

Heavenly Mojito Madness Corona Tubo

This flavored cigar has a sumatra wrapper with a Dominican filler and binder.  This smoke is mild infused with the refreshing taste of mint, lime, and rum.  The aroma of the smoke is so good your non-smoking friends won’t even mind you smoking it near them.  Be careful because the ash does tend to burn a little hot and uneven.  This cigar was crafted by Heather Phillips one of the few lady cigar makers.  She has done a fine job making this enjoyable flavored cigar!  So if you are into flavored cigars you can’t go wrong with this one.  The price is right at about     $2.40 a stick!

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