Shuriken cigar cutter is HERE! I-Draw Technology

Shuriken Cigar Cutter - NEW

Shuriken cigar cutter

The Shuriken cigar cutter is the latest in cigar cutting technology.  It cuts 6 small slits into the cap of the cigar for effective draw without tearing the leaf.   I-Draw Technology allows the user to control the cigar’s draw.   Shuriken is designed to allow all the flavor of a cigar by leaving the cap intact, and allowing an even draw throughout the entire cigar.

We tested the Shuriken on our own cigars and found this cutter will take some getting used to.  The 6 slits are like paper cuts and in order to get a good draw, you have to put pressure on the cap by either rolling it between 2 fingers, or putting pressure on it with your mouth.  That allows the slits to open more and more until you get it to just the right flavor for you.

SHE SAID:  I used the cutter on my Cain Daytona corona which was 6 x 46.  I did have to put more of cigar in my mouth than I am used to.  (I am a tip puffer)  However, the amount of flavor that I drew out of the cigar was amazing.  There was much more flavor than I expected.  I am looking forward to using it on my favorite Kuba Kuba to see if it really enhances the flavor since I smoke those often and know what they taste like with a normal punch/ cut.

HE SAID:  The cutter was easy to use but it was hard to draw at first.  After putting pressure on the cap, they opened up a bit.  I had a local Manny Lopez El Cubano Manny Limited Habano.  The cutter worked great however, the pressure I put on the cap made the cap start to come off.  The cuts did open the cigar lower so more flavor came through.

They retail for $20 for the Black composite, $35 for the anodized aluminum that comes in a variety of colors, and $40 for carbon fiber or exotic. will be carrying these cutters soon!

   shuriken cigar cuttershuriken cigar cuttershuriken cigar cutter

Jetline Dante Cigar Lighter – Great Gift!

Jetline Diego Dual Torch Cigar Lighter

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Kansas First State to Have 100% House Co-sponsor H.R. 1639!

Cigar Rights of America congratulates the State of Kansas for being the first state in the nation to have 100% of its membership in the U.S. House of Representatives as co-sponsors of H.R. 1639, a bill to exempt premium cigars from FDA regulation.

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How to light your cigar – now she knows.

We show Amber how to light her cigar.

How to punch your cigar demonstration – not how to light it…

We taught Amber how to punch a cigar cap, but forgot the lesson on lighting.  That comes next. ad by Amber


Our friend Amber agreed to help us make our first online commercial.  After lots of interruptions, bloopers and do-overs ,this is what we got.  Check out how short her cigar is by now.

How to Use a Guillotine Cigar Cutter


A regular cigar cutter is known as a straight cutter or guillotine cutter.  It is the most popular type of cutter in the cigar world.  It cuts off the desired amount of cap from the cigar for a great draw.  This type of cutter can be made of a single blade, or two blades that come together in the middle.  Most cutters have a large opening in the center to accommodate all different ring gauges (sizes of cigars).

To use the cutter, line up the cigar so it is perpendicular to the blade.  Try to hold it straight and not at an angle.  Hold the cigar in one hand, the cutter in the other.  Open the blades and put just the cigar just inside the hole and squeeze the ends together.  This type of cigar comes in all kinds of shapes, sizes and colors.

Using a Cigar Punch to Cut Your Cigar

Cigar Punches

A cigar punch, also called a puncture cutter, makes a circular hole in the cap of the cigar.  The draw is less than a regular cutter offers, but you don’t get loosened leaf in your mouth because it cuts into the center of the cap versus cutting off a larger area of the cap.

To use a punch, you hold the cigar in one hand and the punch in the other.  Apply gentle pressure to the cap with the punch until the blade comes to the stopping point and twist it in a circular motion.  Twist the blade out of the cap and you will remove a small plug of tobacco.

This type of cutter gives you a nice draw and preserves the rounded edges of the head of the cigar.  Try some inexpensive punches before sinking your money into a more expensive model to be sure you enjoy this type of cut as much as I do.

Using a V-Cutter


The V-cutter has made a come back.  It does exactly what the name implies; it creates a wedge shaped cut through the head of the cigar.  It makes a deeper cut into the cap of a cigar than any other type of cutter, so you get a bigger draw.

To use the V-cutter, hold the cigar in one hand, the cutter in the other with the ends pulled open.  Place the head of the cigar into the indentation or groove on the cutter.  Push the head of the cigar toward the cutter and squeeze the cutter closed.  You are left with a V shaped incision on the cap of the cigar.

V-cutters are incredibly inexpensive, however, they do have limited use because the blade cannot be sharpened or replace.  The cut is gaining popularity because it gives more of a draw than a punch, but doesn’t create the loosened leaf that ends up in your mouth that comes from a regular cutter.

A V-cutter is something to try at least a few times to see if you like the draw it creates.

Cigar Size Basics

Newbies to the cigar world can get overwhelmed by the variety of cigars.  They come in so many shapes, sizes, and blends that one can become very confused.  It is important to find a size that works for you.

The size of a cigar is written length x ring gauge.  The length is measured in inches long.  Ring gauge measures the thickness of a cigar.  A ring gauge of 32 is relatively thin, while a ring gauge of 60 is very thick.  A thicker cigar will burn cooler.  Some cigars are made to be wider at the foot for cooler burning, and thinner at the cap for ease of holding between your lips.

Here are popular cigar sizes and what most manufacturers call them.

Robusto – 5 x 50

Corona – 5 ½ x 42

Lonsdale – 6 x 43

Churchill – 7 x 49

Double Corona – 8 x 50

Presidente – 8 ½ x 52

How to Properly Cut a Cigar Video


How to Cut a Cigar (view on

Filling your Humidifier

Most humidors come with a humidifying type of equipment.  It could be round or rectangular that you fill with solution, or it could be battery operated or a plug in electrical unit.  It depends on the maker of the humidor, and the aftermarket items you want to use.

Remove all packaging from the humidifier and fill it with a quality propylene glycol solution or distilled water.  Be sure not to over fill, it should be wet, not soaking or dripping.   Sometimes it helps to place it in a water bath and allow it to fill up.  If it is of good quality, it should feel heavier when filled, and a lot of the water will be soaked up out of the container.

Wipe any excess water off the unit and place it in the humidor.  There may be magnets, velcro or other sticky device to attach the humidor, or it may simply  lay inside the unit.

Setting Your Hygrometer

A hygrometer is the instrument for measuring humidity in your humidor.  It may be analog or digital, although it is a matter of personal preference which one you use.

Most humidors come equipt with a hygrometer.  Before you use it, you should calibrate it for accuracy.  You can perform 2 different tests for accuracy.

The Salt Test:  In a small plastic dish, place 1 teaspoon of salt and add just enough water to make it damp.  Place the dish and the hygrometer in a ziplock bag, being careful not to spill saltwater on the hygrometer.  Seal the bag with some air inside and let it sit for at least 6 hours.    The hygrometer should read 75% humidity.

Some  hygrometers have a screw type adjustment on the back so you can set it to be accurate.  If it does not allow for adjustment, simply make note of the discrepancy when you use it.

The Damp Towel Test:  You can also dampen a towel (wring out the excess water) and wrap your hygrometer inside the towel.  After 30 minutes, it should read 98% or higher humidity.

Caring for Your Humidor

With proper care and attention, your humidor will last for many, many years.  You can help maintain your humidor by storing and cleaning properly.

Storage:  Make sure your humidor is kept on a flat, level surface to guard against accidentally being knocked over.  Never place your humidor near a heating vent or in direct sunlight, such as by a window.  This could raise the temperature inside the humidor, as well as cause fading to the finish.   Keep your humidor in a dry, cool place.

Try not to place items on top of your humidor to avoid scratching as well.  Avoid storing lighters, cutters, punches, matches, or other objects inside the humidor.

Cleaning:  Always use a soft cloth to polish your humidor, or to remove dust and fingerprints.  You can use a high quality furniture polish to protect the outer finish.

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