Wondering where you can smoke that beautiful, delicious smelling, premium cigar?  Check out some important info here and on links to other pages regarding smoking bans and new laws.  If you have any helpful information, email it to me at jenn@cigarsuckers.com.





Arizona Smoking Ban

Arizona smoking ban called Smoke Free Arizona went into effect May 2007.  It prohibits smoking in most public areas including, but not limited to, restaurants, bars, stadiums, theaters and workplaces.  The exceptions to this law is that one can smoke in a private residence, retail tobacco shop, veterans and fraternal clubs, and outdoor patios.


Outdoor patios are tricky because some business owners have chosen to be completely smoke free, while others cannot allow it because of the 20 feet rule.  The stipulation is that  smoking must not occur within 20 feet from the business entrance and smoke must not infiltrate the non-smoking area.  If a patio is too close to the front entrance, most likely there will be no smoking allowed.

We love to go out to eat, drink and finish up with a fine cigar.  Some places we have been allowed to smoke cigars in Arizona:

Dos Gringos (Mesa, Tempe, Scottsdale)

RT O’Sullivans (Mesa)

Toby Keith’s I Love This Bar and Grill (Tempe Marketplace) – and right across from a cigar shop!!



More cigar friendly places listed here:  Smoke More Cigars website

Even more cigar friendly places listed here: Cigar Group website

Read more here: Smoke Free Arizona website


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