Cubanos Cigar Lounge is located in the parking lot of the Chandler Fashion Mall  It is near the Dolce spa/salon.  There can be some difficulty finding parking, but there are a few 15 minute spots directly in front of the cigar shop.   Trust me, 15 minutes is all you will need.

We came here on a Saturday to show a friend what it was like.  He wasn’t impressed.  The shop is in a GREAT location surrounded by restaurants and shopping.  It would be a terrific place to grab a cigar after a delicious meal, however, their selection is next to nothing.  Below are photos of their mostly empty humidor from a Saturday in early March.

There is a back lounge, but it is a member’s only area.  You can BYOB and watch the game.  In the front of the house, there are 2 TVs, but the view is blocked by an awning when you sit toward the front of the room by the door(see photo above).  The chairs were not set up like on their web site, they were pushed against the wall and we all sat there like we were waiting to enter the principal’s office.

The owner greeted us with a “Hi”, but nothing else.  M and C bought the house cigars and they were terrible, plus the cap bled a bad tasting rust color on the lips.  I  hate to say it, but it seems like a glorified man cave for the owner and his friends.


Compare these recent photos with what is on their web site.

Cubanos Cigar Lounge web site -click here.

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