Drew Estate cigars are some of my favorites.  I have been saving this one called Nasty from the Acid Red line for a while in my humidor.  I decided to break it out last night and give it a try.

The wrapper was dark and oily with a nice sheen.  It smelled rich, and I don’t usually smoke Maduro because they are too rich for me.  My other half enjoys the Maduro.

I twisted off the cap of the cigar and removed the labels.  It is shaped like a pyramid and oddly small at the cap end.  Holding it felt like I was holding a joint, as I could not wrap my finger around it comfortably.  (BTW I do not smoke anything illegal).

Anyway, I toasted the end until the extra wrapper was burned off and took a puff.   It tasted rich and gave me a peppery feeling in my mouth.  The peppery taste smoothed out as it burned further down, but I just couldn’t enjoy it.

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