R & J Cigars, Pearland, Texas

R & J Cigars is located on Business Center Drive in Pearland, Texas in a strip shopping center next to the HEB.  It is a nice size shop with wall cabinet humidors filled with a huge variety of cigars.  There are a couple couches to sit and relax while you enjoy your cigar and watch the game on the flat screen tv.

R & J has good prices,  but they have an even better selection.  Jimmy is very nice and helpful and can find just the right cigar for you.  This location also sells cigarettes, small cigars and cigar accessories.

Here is their website so you can check them out!  R & J Cigars, Pearland, TX.

El Cubano Cigars, League City, Texas

El Cubano Cigar Lounge is located in League City on Main Street.  It is tucked into a little strip shopping center.   The Lopez family rolls their own delicious cigars from Cuban seed.   They roll on site and you can watch.  Their walk in humidor holds their treasured cigars from mild to bold, a little something for everyone.

There is leather seating at the front of the house to relax and enjoy your cigar.  Hang out and learn about how they make their cigars.


Visit their web site here – El Cubano Cigars

904 East Main Street  League City, TX 77573-2452




Check out our purchases from El Cubano Cigars!  The White Label Habano commitment is mine.  A medium bodied cigar with hints of coffee bean.  Smells delicious!

Silver label 5 yr anniversary Maduro, Red Label Nicaraguan Blend Natural, and Black Label Manny Limited Habano.

Santa Barbara Cigar Lounge, Houston, Texas

Santa Barbara Cigar and Tobacco is located at 11693 Westheimer #180  Houston, TX 77077.  It is in a big strip shopping center behind the PF Chang’s.  The shopping center has several vacancies, so there is plenty of parking in the large private lot.  I hope Santa Barbara is allowed to take advantage of that space to have big cigar parties!

It is a nice little cigar shop with about 8 chairs (that don’t look that comfortable) a television and a walk in humidor.  They have A LOT of A. Fuente, Ashton, Kristoff, a decent selection of the typical Drew Estate Acid and Java, Rocky Patel, Macanudo, Tatuaje, Alec Bradley, and the A. Fuente Opus X The Lost City cigars at $29 a pop.  They also had AKA, Illusione, Room 101, and a few others I wasn’t familiar with.

We picked up the Perdomo 10th Anniversary Champagne that is wrapped in a pretty golden plastic, an Alec Bradley Black Market, and a CAO Cameroon.  Our total was $25 for the 3 sticks.  The prices weren’t bad.

They also had some loose tobacco for pipes and a decent selection of accessories such as cutters, lighters and desktop humidors.

Check out their web site here.

More Cigar Lounges Bite the Dust

It is a sad, sad day when a cigar lounge must close their doors.  I prefer to buy from the small online, or small local cigar shops rather than supporting those huge cigar companies.  I like keeping my money in small business.  However, when the economy strikes and a cigar lounge can no longer make the inflated rent, they have to move or move on.

We attempt to visit many cigar shops no matter where we travel, and Houston is no different.  I looked up the following cigar lounges, called phone numbers, and drove by the address listed on the internet and found them to be closed.  I don’t know when they closed, but as of November 2011, they no longer existed at the addresses on the internet.  If you find something different, please let me know at jenn@cigarsuckers.com.

Lord Byron’s Cigar Lounge, 22756 Westhimer Parkway, Ste 190, Katy, TX.  It has been replaced by a cafe called Babaloo.

Robusto’s Cigar Lounge, 20940 Katy Fwy,Katy, TX 77449. (Reopened as Crane Field’s Cigars in 2010?)

Crane Field’s Cigars, 20940 Katy Fwy, Katy, TX 77449.   Phone disconnected.

Please read reviews for the cigar lounges that are surviving and thriving and pay them a visit!

Havana Alley Cigars, Galveston , Texas

Havana Alley Cigars Galveston, Texas  We visited Havana Alley Cigars in Galveston, Texas.  Prior to Ike it was known as Hava Cigars.  It is located at 415 21st Street.  Parking is tricky when it’s busy, but we found a spot on the street.  Remember, paying for parking is required Monday-Saturdays.

They have a very large humidor, but did not really have our favorite selections.  I didn’t find anything I couldn’t live without, except they did have the new Rocky Patel 50 in it’s shine black box bejeweled with sparkly orange.  I couldn’t bring myself to pay $20/ stick.  I opted for my old faithful, Kuba Kuba as we drove off to find a bar and enjoy our cigars.

We did pick up AKA (American Kick Ass) in the Hybrid, which had a variety of flavors within one stick, just like the guy said.  This location carries Rocky Patel, Room 101, La Flor Dominicana, Arturo Fuente, La Gloria Cabana, Berger & Argenti, AKA, some Acids, CAO (including flavors), Partagas, and a few brands I don’t recognize or never heard of.

The lounge area is reserved for members. However, if you buy a cigar and the lounge is empty, they will let you hang out.  They have a big screen TV and lots of comfy leather chairs.  They also offer individual storage lockers to keep your own collection of stogies fresh and your alcohol on hand.  Yes, you can BYOB to this place if you are a member.  Memberships start at basic $60/month and a 10% discount.  The higher the membership, the higher the discount.

The lounge is nice, and the staff was helpful and friendly without insulting our current knowledge of cigars.

Check out their web site here.

Cigar Emporium, Houston, Texas

Cigar EmporiumCigar Emporium is the first cigar shop that made me realize you don’t judge a book by it’s cover.  When we approached their location at 3514 S. Shepherd Dr.  Houston, Texas 77098, I thought the use of “Emporium” was overdoing it.  It was a very small shop squeezed in between other shops in a strip mall.

When we walked in, the store is tiny, but they did a lot with the 1,000 sq ft they have.  A front counter, display counters full of accessories, a walk-in humidor stuffed to the brink with a cigar lover’s dream selections, wall unit humidors filled with infused cigars so the scent is kept away from the regular tobacco, and a small smoking room in the back of the shop.

The two people running the store were very friendly and showed us something we have never seen before.  A box of the Tatuaje Halloween cigar for 2011.  Very exciting.  This shop has the best selection of cigars and all are organized into a tiny space.  The prices at this location are TERRIFIC!  I found a Drew Estate Acid Kuba Kuba for $3.00 less than the other shops in the area.  Yes, you read that right – $3.00 LESS.

This is definitely the shop to grab great premium cigars at fabulous prices.  Check out their web site here.

Stogies Cigars, Houston, Texas

Stogies Cigars is located at 6100 Westheimer Rd., Ste 102 Houston, TX 77057.  It has a nice outdoor patio and comfortable leather seating inside.  The walk in humidor boasts a nice selection of cigars, including my favorite Drew Estate Acid line.

There is a selection of lighters, cutters, desktop humidors and ashtrays.  We talked briefly with the guy working today and he was knowledgeable enough and friendly (even if he didn’t know Tatuaje makes a Halloween cigar).  I like it when they don’t try to shove information down my throat.  Although, he did make fun of me for purchasing a Java Mint cigar for my husband.  It smells like Andes chocolate mint candy!  Here I also purchased a Rocky Patel Vintage 2003 Cameroon and a Berger & Argenti Mooch for myself.

They are supposed to offer some large events hosting from 75 to 200 people.  They are supposed to have a couple upcoming events, but their calendar is not updated.  Boo!  Check out their website here.

Serious Cigars, Houston, TX

Serious Cigar ShopSerious Cigars was on our list of stops when we visited Houston, TX.  It has a very large parking lot, so we found parking right away.  Mike greeted us as we entered the shop and we headed into the walk in humidor.  The humidor was very big and had a large variety of cigars.  I was disappointed they didn’t have a bigger selection of the Drew Estate Acid line of cigars.

They have a nice selection of ashtrays, desktop humidors, lighters and cutters.  There is a smoking lounge in the back of the store that has a large television.  Several guys were watching the game and enjoying their cigars.

The place looks like it could use new flooring, the carpet is stained and ragged in places.  The humidor unit was also in an awkward place and gave me a facial every time I walked past.  They have 2 locations and seem to do some big events – find their website here.

Serious Cigars Galleria, 4722 Richmond Ave, Ste C, Houston, TX 77027


Store Hours:
Mon-Sat 10:00AM – 9:00PM
Sunday 11:00AM – 6:00PM
From their website:
“Our newest store is located on Richmond Ave just inside Loop 610, a few blocks from the Galleria. Formerly Crofts Pipe & Tobacco Shoppe, this store has a vast selection of pipes and blended tobaccos. Some say that Crofts was the best pipe shop in Texas. We have greatly expanded the cigar selection and brought the best of the best from our Champions store to this location.”

The Briar Shoppe, Houston, TX

Briar Shoppe is located in a busy section of Houston, TX.  Parking was tricky, but there is a parking lot available as well as street parking.  We walked in to find a very large space that offers a smoking area in the front of the store with comfy looking leather couches.  I didn’t like the idea of smoking next to the huge picture windows where passersby can gawk at you.

They have a small selection of wine in one area, cigar humidors and ashtrays in another.  They have a large selection of pipes and loose tobacco which takes up all of one wall plus counter display cases.  It seems like an awful lot of wasted space, unless you are a pipe smoker, then you have plenty to choose from.  I also thought the empty display spots of pipes on the wall looked bad.

The walk in humidor was not as stocked as I would have expected, and I didn’t find anything I couldn’t live without.  There wasn’t anyone smoking when we went, and we did find the bathroom to have a door that didn’t close all the way.  Something as simple as a dirty bathroom would not encourage me to hang out and smoke a cigar.

Their web site boasts them as the oldest cigar shop in Houston, and with all that experience, you would think they would have a better selection of cigars.  Find their web site here.

2412 Times Blvd., Houston, TX 77005

Ph: 713-529-6347

Fax: 713-529-2454

E-mail: briarshp@flash.net

Additional parking on the roof

Extended Hours – Open ’til 9pm Thurs., Fri. & Sat.

Esteli Cigar Shop – New Orleans, LA

  Esteli Cigar Shop is located at 515 St Louis Street in New Orleans, LA.  It is conveniently nestled next to Johnny’s Po-Boys so you can have a bite to eat and wander over for a nice smoke.

The shop is small and laid back.  The wall unit humidors hold several types of cigars from mild to full bodied.  There is a little bit of seating in the back of the place to relax and smoke your stogie.

When you visit NOLA, make sure this place is on your list of stops.

Don Oscar Cigars – Lounge – Webster, TX

Don Oscar Cigars is a quaint little cigar lounge tucked into a little strip shopping center off the Nasa 1 Highway.  Parking is a little tight because the lot in front of the building is small and shared with the other little shops.  There is plenty more around the back.

Don Oscars Cigars has a walk-in humidor with a nice selection of premium and locally hand rolled cigars.  There is comfortable seating located in the front of the  house to hang out and smoke a delicious cigar and talk tobacco, sports or whatever with the other customers.

I couldn’t find a web site for them, but will update if I do find it.

Smoke Ring Cigar Lounge Webster, Texas

Smoke Ring Webster, TXSmoke Ring is located in Webster, TX off the Nasa Parkway and Highway 3.  It is in a strip shopping center and a little tricky to find, especially hidden behind the tree in the parking lot.

It was very busy filled with men relaxing in comfortable leather chairs and couches.  The walk in humidor is stuffed with a good variety of cigars, including some local smokes.  The guy who was working was very knowledgeable about various cigars and was able to suggest alternative cigars since they didn’t carry the 3 kinds I was looking for.  Yah, 3 kinds.  They didn’t have them.  End of story.

They have a selection of Drew Estate cigars that they keep in a different humidor outside the walk-in.  Are the flavored cigars being punished by being segregated from the rest of the stogies living in the walk-in?  I don’t know, but at least they carry some of the Acid line.  It is really hard to find them around the Houston area.  We picked out a couple sticks, which we found a little pricey considering the tobacco tax out here is only 1 cent per stick.  One of the few cigar lounges in the Clear Lake area.

Oh ya, and they have a weird way of completing the sale.  You take a mini clip board and write down the prices of the cigars you are buying.  Um, a little upgrade in technology and the customer wouldn’t have to do all the work.  Things are a bit different here in Texas.

Their website is bare, only giving a map, hours, phone number and email contact.  Here it is in case you want to check it out.  Smoke Ring Cigars website – click here.

Cigars and Tobacco 4 U / Perk & Puff Lounge Houston, TX

Perk & Puff / Tobacco 4 U Tobacco 4 U and Perk & Puff Lounge are basically the same business.  They are connected to each other in a strip shopping center in Houston.  One side has a coffee shop that offers pretty good coffee and a “lounge” in the back where you can sit and enjoy a cigar or hookah. The lounge has so much potential.  With only a couple lounge type chairs, there isn’t much room to hang out and smoke.  It could be so much more.

The cigar shop connected to it has a huge wall of cigars with a good selection.  They also sell cigarettes.  They have a small selection of lighters and desktop humidors.

I wouldn’t call this a cigar lounge, as it seems their business is young adults who drink coffee and smoke hookah.  If you are okay with the young crowd, check it out.  If you are a die-hard cigar smoker, come to buy your smokes here, but look elsewhere for a true lounge.

Their website home page boasts them as a Cigar Lounge, but that’s a stretch.  On the upside, you can enjoy your cigar with a good cup of coffee, soda, or other bottled beverage they sell.

Visit their web site here.  Perk & Puff website

2403 Bay Area Blvd, Houston, TX


Heights Cigar Lounge Houston, TX


Heights Cigar Lounge Houston TXHeights Cigar Lounge is located in Houston, TX.  It is a newbie in the cigar shop world, only open 6 months so far, but it seems to be doing well.  They already have a nice selection of cigars in their big walk in humidor and lots of comfortable leather seating along with flat screen televisions.

The owner (I think) is Jenny, who was there to help us with our selection.  We picked out a couple sticks we have never tried before.  The humidor definitely has room to grow with a blank back wall.  They have personal humidor lockers to rent which humidity are maintained by being part of the walk in humidor.  Nice.    It was worth the little trek across town to check them out!  They don’t have their web site finished, but basic info can be found at the link below.

Heights Cigar Lounge

204 West 19th St, Houston


Corolla Wine, Cigar and Gourmet – Corolla, North Carolina

Kenny runs Corolla Wine, Cigar and Gourmet on the peninsula town of Corolla, North Carolina in the Outer Banks.  It is a small shop in the Timbuk2 shopping center, perfectly hidden away on the upstairs corner, away from the hustle and bustle of shoppers and the kids at the go-carts.

It is mainly a wine shop, and they have many, many wines, including local vintages.  We were excited to see the walk in humidor which had a decent choice of cigars.  We were able to taste some wine while we were there and purchased 2 local wines.  Kenny gave us 2 half bottles left over from the wine tasting – bonus!  You have to enjoy your stogie outside, but there are a few wooden white beach chairs where you can sit, enjoy a glass of wine, and soak in the sunset with a good cigar.  This location is open seasonal, so call ahead before you visit.

Corolla Wine, Cigar and Gourmet website.


Cubanos Cigar Lounge, Chandler, AZ

  Cubanos Cigar Lounge is located in the parking lot of the Chandler Fashion Mall  It is near the Dolce spa/salon.  There can be some difficulty finding parking, but there are a few 15 minute spots directly in front of the cigar shop.   Trust me, 15 minutes is all you will need.

We came here on a Saturday to show a friend what it was like.  He wasn’t impressed.  The shop is in a GREAT location surrounded by restaurants and shopping.  It would be a terrific place to grab a cigar after a delicious meal, however, their selection is next to nothing.  Below are photos of their mostly empty humidor from a Saturday in early March.

There is a back lounge, but it is a member’s only area.  You can BYOB and watch the game.  In the front of the house, there are 2 TVs, but the view is blocked by an awning when you sit toward the front of the room by the door(see photo above).  The chairs were not set up like on their web site, they were pushed against the wall and we all sat there like we were waiting to enter the principal’s office.

The owner greeted us with a “Hi”, but nothing else.  M and C bought the house cigars and they were terrible, plus the cap bled a bad tasting rust color on the lips.  I  hate to say it, but it seems like a glorified man cave for the owner and his friends.


Compare these recent photos with what is on their web site.

Cubanos Cigar Lounge web site -click here.

Cigar King, Scottsdale, AZ

Cigar King is located in an industrial park in Scottsdale, AZ.  It has a GREAT selection of cigars, including their own branded cigars made by some of the best cigar manufacturers in the world!  The walk in humidor is – well- HUGE.  It is 2 huge rooms filled with every cigar you could ever ask for!  Check out the pictures on their web site!

There is also a gigantic “Man Cave” with big screen TV and lots of comfy leather seating.  Plus the staff is friendly and helpful!  You have to see this place if you are in the area!

Monday – Friday : 7:30a – 8:00p
Saturday: 9:00a – 5:00p
Sunday: 10:00a – 5:00p

Cigar King
7830 E. Gelding Dr., Suite 100
Scottsdale, AZ 85260

Mojito Cigar Lounge, Cave Creek, AZ

Mojito Cigar Lounge located at 4705 E Carefree Hwy in Cave Creek, AZ in a beautiful strip shopping center.  The front of the house is a public lounge where you can sit and enjoy a good stogie and watch the game.  Back of the house is a member’s only club that has monthly dues, and benefits such as personal storage lockers, bigger televisions, big comfy chairs, kitchenette, and poker table.

The walk-in humidor offers a large selection of cigars from La Gloria, Drew Estate, A.Fuente, My Father’s Cigars, CAO, Gurkha, Don Pepin, and many others (check out their website to see a list).  They also carry a nice selection of cigar accessories from cutters to lighters to ashtrays to humidors.

Their websites says they are open 7 days a week, but call to be sure.  I definitely recommend a visit to this lounge, even if you have to go out of your way to check it out.

Mojito Cigar Lounge

Casa Fuente Cigar Lounge, Las Vegas

Located in the beautiful Venetian hotel/casino shopping galleria, Casa Fuente offers a comfortable place to sit, smoke, drink some delicious adult beverages and people watch.  The walk in humidor is all Artuo Fuente, but they have a nice selection. 

You don’t have to purchase a cigar there in order to enjoy your smoke.  Have a seat on the “patio” and enjoy your own as long as you order a drink.  They also provide complimentary peanuts/pretzels to snack on.  The mojito was out of this world!

The employees were knowledgeable and helpful.  This is where we experienced our first Opus X.  It is definitely a place we visit again.  I am sure this place will be busy during the Big Smoke coming up November 12-14, 2010.

See what others say about Casa Fuente on Yelp.com

Tobacco Tin, El Paso, Texas

Tobacco Tin is the ONLY cigar lounge open in El Paso on Sundays.  Luckily we were on our way to a party when we drove by this location as our last resort.  The humidor is HUGE!!  Packed with almost every cigar imaginable.  I would have posted pictures, but the guy at the counter said, “No way” to my photo taking inside. 

The employee also said you were no longer allowed to smoke your cigar inside the store.  He said it was some recent city law?  I don’t know, my husband smoked at Tobacco Road just a month earlier. 

This shop also has a good selection of cutters, lighter, etc.  It did seem a bit unorganized around and behind the counter.  Overall, if you need to buy a cigar on a Sunday, here is your only choice.

Tobacco Road, El Paso, TX

I would have LOVED to write a review about this lounge, however it was CLOSED on Sundays.

Las Cruces Cigar Company, New Mexico


                                                    Las Cruces has welcomed a new cigar lounge to town.  Las Cruces Cigar Company is located on E. Lohman and offers an upscale, yet comfortable place to hang out and enjoy a good cigar. 

The walk in humidor stretches across the length of the far wall displaying hundreds of cigars from the classic Romeo and Julieta to the newer Acid line by Drew Estates which are infused with flavors.  There are several chairs to sit and relax while watching a game on the flat screen television. 

Guillaume, “G” to make it easy on us, opened the cigar shop at the end of August.  The shop is open 7 days a week so you can grab a good stogie any day you feel like it.  G has already held a cigar event at his lounge, and there are more being planned for the near future. 

Swing by this quaint location for a great selection of cigars and a relaxing place to watch the game.  Bring a buddy and enjoy the newest aficionado place in Cruces.

Cubanos Cigar Lounge, Chandler, AZ

Cubanos Cigar Lounge is located near the Chandler Fashion Center off the 101 and 202 freeways.  It is in one of the strip shopping centers on the outskirts of the mall. 

They have a walk-in humidor and seating in the front of the store.  Evidently there is a club membership to enjoy the back of the house lounge area which includes big screen tvs.  We were never told anything about membership, we just chose a stick and enjoyed it in the comfy chairs in the front.

Check out their web site at: Cubanos Cigar Lounge

Stogie Cutter, Gilbert, AZ

Stogie Cutter is one of the first cigar lounges I went to that served drinks.  Alcohol, that is.  I always enjoy having a drink with my stogie, so it is great that they offer beer and wine selections at their bar.  Since Arizona has a non-smoking policy in all restauants, bars and nightclubs, it is great that there is a loophole regarding cigar lounges. 

The store offers a large walk-in humidor with a good selection of popular brands.  They also carry loose tobacco.  Their website says they have daily drink specials, it’s best to check with them on updates.  They also have bike night on Thursdays, call them to see if this is still correct.

There is high top and bar seating available.  It is a good place to bring a couple friends, choose a stick and have a beer.  Try their big torch lighter, just don’t burn your eyebrows off.  They have a few big screen tvs and used to have a shuffleboard table. 

Sometimes the place is open past their posted business hours.  If there are a couple cars in the parking lot, try the door, you might get lucky.

Check out their web site here: Stogie Cutter

Big Sticks, Mesa, AZ

We love to check out cigar lounges, and this was on the list to check out.  It is located in the big ole shopping center across from Toby Keith’s and Bass Pro Shop.  
They have a nice size walk in humidor, an area with cigar accessories such as shelf humidors, lighters, cutters, etc, and another area with a pool table and seating.   They also offer personal humidor rentals.
The guy working came into the humidor to help out.  I like to look around unassisted and get help only when I really need it.  Many cigars shops attempt to curb shoplifting by entering and staying in the humidor with the customer.  Not necessary!  I would be more likely to purchase MORE cigars when someone isn’t standing over me.
Anyway, it is a very nice store, but doesn’t seem like enough room to hang out when it gets crowded.

Big Sticks Fine Cigars

Don Yeyo Cigar Factory, Las Vegas

We stopped in here the day before our wedding with my sister and her husband.  We enjoyed a relaxing couple of hours on the leather furniture while the husbands enjoyed a hand rolled cigar.  We watched the torcedor roll and box press some fresh cigars.  

The lounge is all furniture around a big screen tv.  The place has a walk in humidor and several types of cigars.  They even manufacture infused (flavored) cigars that are sweet.  Most cigars run about $6-8 a stick.  Check out their price list on their website.

The only down side is the limited hours of operation.  However, they do sell their cigars on the internet, so you can order 24/7.

Don Yeyo Cigar Factory

Hatuey Cubinican Cigars, Las Vegas

I stumbled upon this place after mistaking a place across the street for a cigar lounge.  They directed me to Hatuey Cubinican Cigars.  The lounge offers a walk in humidor with the owner’s personal specialty cigars.  

We were met by the owner, a tall, older man with a quirky personality.  He told us he has his own plantation in the Dominican Republic and everything in the humidor (with the exception of 3-4 boxes of boutique cigars) was his.  We purchased 2 barber poles, which he said were medium bodied, for about $7 each.  I really like the look of barber pole cigars.  

The rest of the lounge was made up of several chairs in the back.  The shop offers cold drinks and snacks like bags of chips/pretzels, etc.  Be sure to check out the photo of his dog with a cigar in his mouth behind the register!  Cute!

Shadows Cigar Lounge, Scottsdale, AZ

Located inside the Talking Stick Resort, this cigar and martini lounge offers a wide range of seating indoors and outdoors.  There are a couple flat screens scattered throughout and a fully stocked bar.
You can bring your own stogie to smoke as long as you purchase a drink (alcoholic or non) at the bar.  They do sell a small variety of good cigars located in the in wall humidor.  
The atmosphere is relaxing, and they offer live music after 6 pm.  The bartender was friendly the day we went.  They are open 2pm to 2 am.

Churchill’s Ahwatukee

We purchase cigars here from time to time, but we would rather buy and take home rather than share the small lounge with other smokers.  The back room is dedicated for smoking with 2 general seating areas and a big screen.  They do not sell drinks of any type, and I like to have liquid with my stogie.  Plus, if you have more than 3 or 4 people lighting up back there, it gets awful stuffy and smoky.

The walk in humidor has a nice selection and all our purchases have been in good condition.  I think they waste space with the few tables of humidors and ashtrays.  It would be better used as additional seating area.  Put the humidors on a shelf against the wall.

Overall, a nice selection of cigars and friendly service.

Churchill’s website

Magnum’s, Phoenix, AZ

Magnum’s is located in North Phoenix near East Union Hills Drive and North 7th Street in a strip shopping center.  From the outside, it looks like another liquor store.  But venture inside and there are shelves and shelves of wine, beer and spirits, as well as a HUGE walk-in humidor stocked with so many cigar brands, it’s like being a kid in a candy store. 

The evening we went, there were a couple of people assisting in the humidor.  They seemed to know their inventory and were helpful without being bothersome.  Once we chose our cigars, we ventured over to the lounge area.  You can take them right to the lounge where they will add them to your tab.

The lounge is upscale with granite/stone table tops, both offering high and low seating.  There is a corner with a couple leather couches, as well as bar seating.  The choices for drinks are amazing.  You can get an inexpensive domestic beer, or that one elusive tequila.

The staff was professional and friendly.  We enjoyed our drinks and cigars for a few hours as we watched sports/listened to music.  Don’t be fooled by the cover of this location, inside it is all worth it. 


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