Shuriken Cigar Cutter - NEW

Shuriken cigar cutter

The Shuriken cigar cutter is the latest in cigar cutting technology.  It cuts 6 small slits into the cap of the cigar for effective draw without tearing the leaf.   I-Draw Technology allows the user to control the cigar’s draw.   Shuriken is designed to allow all the flavor of a cigar by leaving the cap intact, and allowing an even draw throughout the entire cigar.

We tested the Shuriken on our own cigars and found this cutter will take some getting used to.  The 6 slits are like paper cuts and in order to get a good draw, you have to put pressure on the cap by either rolling it between 2 fingers, or putting pressure on it with your mouth.  That allows the slits to open more and more until you get it to just the right flavor for you.

SHE SAID:  I used the cutter on my Cain Daytona corona which was 6 x 46.  I did have to put more of cigar in my mouth than I am used to.  (I am a tip puffer)  However, the amount of flavor that I drew out of the cigar was amazing.  There was much more flavor than I expected.  I am looking forward to using it on my favorite Kuba Kuba to see if it really enhances the flavor since I smoke those often and know what they taste like with a normal punch/ cut.

HE SAID:  The cutter was easy to use but it was hard to draw at first.  After putting pressure on the cap, they opened up a bit.  I had a local Manny Lopez El Cubano Manny Limited Habano.  The cutter worked great however, the pressure I put on the cap made the cap start to come off.  The cuts did open the cigar lower so more flavor came through.

They retail for $20 for the Black composite, $35 for the anodized aluminum that comes in a variety of colors, and $40 for carbon fiber or exotic. will be carrying these cutters soon!

   shuriken cigar cuttershuriken cigar cuttershuriken cigar cutter

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