Briar Shoppe is located in a busy section of Houston, TX.  Parking was tricky, but there is a parking lot available as well as street parking.  We walked in to find a very large space that offers a smoking area in the front of the store with comfy looking leather couches.  I didn’t like the idea of smoking next to the huge picture windows where passersby can gawk at you.

They have a small selection of wine in one area, cigar humidors and ashtrays in another.  They have a large selection of pipes and loose tobacco which takes up all of one wall plus counter display cases.  It seems like an awful lot of wasted space, unless you are a pipe smoker, then you have plenty to choose from.  I also thought the empty display spots of pipes on the wall looked bad.

The walk in humidor was not as stocked as I would have expected, and I didn’t find anything I couldn’t live without.  There wasn’t anyone smoking when we went, and we did find the bathroom to have a door that didn’t close all the way.  Something as simple as a dirty bathroom would not encourage me to hang out and smoke a cigar.

Their web site boasts them as the oldest cigar shop in Houston, and with all that experience, you would think they would have a better selection of cigars.  Find their web site here.

2412 Times Blvd., Houston, TX 77005

Ph: 713-529-6347

Fax: 713-529-2454


Additional parking on the roof

Extended Hours – Open ’til 9pm Thurs., Fri. & Sat.

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